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Gwent Radio


We are Gwent Radio and we Broadcasting live from the heart of Newport, Gwent, South Wales,


Our goal is to serve the community of Gwent, South Wales. 

Did you know that we are the only radio station in the county of Gwent who are broadcasting 24/7 with radio presenters playing music and sharing there memories and knowledge about the music being played. 

Our radio presenters offer our listeners a diversity of music genres and styles with local & national news with a mix of community programmes and information every day. 

Each week, over 25,000 Gwentonian tune into Gwent Radio. We are a volunteer-run radio station and we are supported by our listeners and local business who support and advertise on gwent radio. 

At Gwent Radio we love to support local events in the county of Gwent, South Wales, check out our facebook events page (Gwent Events) for the latest events advertised in South Wales.

Gwent Radio offers an alternative to mainstream commercial radio stations with our own distinctive blend of speech and music programming.  You’ll will hear Soul, Reggae, Blues, RnB, Hip-Hop, Ska, Funk, Punk and Rock – presented by people with a passion for music. 

There is more to Gwent Radio than just broadcasting. The station is very much part of the community and each week we connect our audience to a huge spectrum of events and recreational activities in the county of Gwent, South Wales.

Gwent Radio 'Meant for Gwent' is a Not for Profit, community focused radio station Playing Music Across the Decades. We are run by volunteers who are music lovers.

We love to play reggae, soul,  ska, mod classics, disco, funk, classic rock and rock n roll. We love to play music from the 50’s 60’s 70’s 80's 90's right up to the current Top 40. 

We even have our own TOP40 on Tuesday and Friday from 21:00pm - 23:59pm, were we play every single song from No 40. right to the current No 1. song.

You can listen to Gwent Radio around the world online and via our FREE app. You can now take your favourite station with you wherever you go, Just search Gwent Radio in your app store, download our app direct to your mobile or tablet and stay tuned on the go.

​Gwent Radio 'Meant for Gwent' is a Not for Profit, Community Radio station 

Gwent Radio is a community focused media organisation.


We are run by volunteers who are music lovers,


We operate 24 hours a day 7 day a week 365 day a year and


We LOVE music with a passion and we hope that you will enjoy listening to us,


Gwent Radio, Playing you the greatest hits across the decades, Enjoy.


Gwent Media is a growing media entity in the South Wales area and is currently looking for a new wave of volunteers to join it's expanding and fun team. We are currently looking for the following:

Local Radio Presenters

Local Radio Producers

Local Video Creatives

Local Video Presenters

Local Music Coordinators

Local Journalists

General Creatives & More!

if you have an interest in media and would like some experience working in a music environment then you should get in touch with us. One of our organisation's core values is to provide creatives of all ages with the opportunity to progress and develop.


If this is you and you think you are up for getting involved, then get in touch with Sean Rafferty @ Gwent Radio.


Gwent Radio is an active member of the Community Media Association (CMA).

The CMA is is recognised by Government, Ofcom and industry as the voice of the UK community media sector and it regularly contributes to consultations on media and communications policy. CMA members work throughout the UK in radio, television and new media.

The CMA’s mission is to enable people to establish and develop communications media for cultural and creative expression, community development and entertainment. The CMA membership consists of 250 community media organisations plus more than 300 individuals and associate organisations.


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